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Koa Tree in the mist

2016 Koa Symposium

The Tropical Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center (TropHTIRC) is hosting the "Acacia koa in Hawaii: Facing the Future" Symposium 2016. The event will take place at the University of Hawaii Hilo, Campus Center, Room 301 on October 5th, 2016 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, followed by a reception at the Hilo Yacht Club. The focus of the symposium is to convey the current state of scientific knowledge in management and ecology of koa with purpose of informing present and future management under a changing environment. This event will feature recent scientific and management advancement of koa.

Evaluation of wood quality - Koa Wood

Evaluation of wood quality in short rotation, plantation grown koa

Twenty-year old koa trees grown at HARC Maunawili on Oahu (400 ft. elevation) were harvested and sent to a large tone-wood timber buyer in Washington State (see picture below). Trees were approximately 22” diameter at breast height. The logs were milled and the buyer was very pleased with the wood quality, thus illustrating the demand for plantation grown koa. The ability to produce highly figured, instrument grade logs on 20-30 year rotations is unprecedented in forestry, and offers a unique opportunity for Hawaii.

Navigating Change HCC Banner

Koa Restoration Forum at Hawaii Conservation Conference

Recognized experts will lead short presentations to stimulate discussion on different topics related to koa restoration and conservation.

TropHTIRC Retreat 2014

First Annual Tropical HTIRC Retreat and Field Trip

In 2014, Bob Masuda and others organized the first TropHTIRC retreat for the Steering Committee and collaborators. The purpose of the retreat was to spend time together to discuss our progress so far and strategize for the future.

TropHTIRC at 2014 HCC Booth

TropHTIRC at the 2014 HCC

TropHTIRC was well-represented at the 2014 Hawaii Conservation Conference (HCC). TropHTIRC coordinator, Faith Inman-Narahari, organized a special forum to discuss forest restoration with koa.

Forest Stewards Workshop

Forest Stewards Workshop

J. B. Friday, extension forester with the University of Hawaii Manoa Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management and Cooperative Extension Service, recently held the second annual Forest Stewards program in Volcano.

Koa seed in pod

Koa seed orchard grant awarded

Recent land use changes have led to opportunities to reforest large areas of degraded land with koa. There is now a large demand for improved koa seeds and seedlings that can grow well in a variety of environmental conditions.

Growing koa in Hawai'i Nei Symposium

Growing Koa in Hawai'i Nei Symposium

Over 110 participants attended the "Growing Koa in Hawaii Nei" Symposium on November 16th, 2013, and over 40 of these landowners, foresters, students and others interested in growing koa participated in the tour of Keauhou Ranch the following day.

Tropical Nursery Manual

Tropical Nursery Manual Published

We're proud to announce that the 376-page Tropical Nursery Manual has been published and is available free online.

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